People Philosophy

Core Values

We let our Team Members know the values and behaviors we expect them to demonstrate. We believe those values and behaviors pool in to create a flourishing culture in which Team Members can blossom. A progressing culture that allows our Team Members to give their best shot leading to excellent quality and innovative products, unmatchable customer service, and operational excellence.

Some of our people's values include Passion, Productivity, Pro-activeness, Positivity, High Energy, Execution, Perseverance, Action, Integrity, and Innovation. This is what they mean the following to us:


We are passionate for the:
  • People we work with
  • Products we produce
  • Customers we serve
  • Suppliers who serve us


We plan and anticipate for success. We are always:
  • Deliberate
  • Planning, preparing, and anticipating
  • Practical and hands-on
  • Positive and upbeat


We expect the best from our people, and they deliver
  • We are productive, efficient and effective in planning and executing our work.
  • We consistently raise the bar to increasingly higher levels of productivity and performance.
  • With our ability to execute, we seek to outperform the market where we decide to operate.


We are always positive in our outlook. We:
  • Reject negativity
  • Always face problems as challenges
  • Are constantly seeking solutions
  • Are always forward looking/optimist, not dwelling on mistakes of the past


The organization is brimming with energy
  • High level permeates at all levels
  • We energize other Team Members with our own positive energy and outlook
  • There is constant will to move on and give accomplishment


Is what we are best at
  • Things get done
  • We document and standardize all that we do
  • Everyone knows his roles and responsibilities
  • We take our well-defined CSS tasks to heart


We pursue our work with energy and drive
  • We never give up
  • Retail Business
  • We push hard
  • Retail Business


We have a bias towards action
  • We seize opportunities
  • We aggressively push for resolution to problems
  • We enjoy working hard


We respect ourselves and others
  • We are open and direct
  • We can be counted on to keep confidences
  • We do not misrepresent ourselves for personal gain


We constantly look for new ways to improve products, services, processes, systems and people
  • We have good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions work and we are good at bringing these ideas to use.
  • We show intellectual curiosity and the continuing desire to learn, seeking improvements, even in the face of success.
  • We take diverse priorities and multiple opportunities and find new ways of creating long-term success.
  • We work hard to support an environment where people look for creative ways to benefit the business.
  • We take constructive risks and remove barriers getting in the way of achieving excellence

Fast Facts

  • 100

    Countries where our services help entrepreneurs

  • 2218

    Approximate number of employees Worldwide committed to Unify Marketing' greatest needs

  • 250

    Number of primary research and service centers around the world

We believe that attracting talented and diverse Team Members is one of the keys to our success. We try to create for our Team Members an environment which offers professional and intellectual challenges, which encourages innovation and creativity, and which rewards success and effective teamwork.
Our greatest asset is the "absolutely, positively" spirit of the men and women that make YR Global what it is. The culture of service is alive and well at YR Global.
Team Members of YR Global continually strive to exceed expectations and work to be the most dedicated the best trained and the most respected professionals in the industry.
Our people come from all backgrounds and have a wide range of talents and interests. Diversity and inclusion in our Team Member demonstrate our commitment to equal opportunities, and enhance our business. Diversity and inclusion help us attract the best people in each of the countries in which we operate, give us a wide range of perspectives to draw on and enhance our understanding of local market needs.

We value the diversity of our people and strongly believe that a more diverse team is a more creative Team Member, and one better able to adapt to change. We expect all our Team Members to be treated with respect and dignity. Our equal opportunity policy is designed to ensure that both current and potential Team Members are offered the same opportunity to do a job regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, age, marital status, or any other legally protected characteristics. YR Global prohibits harassment of any individual on any of the bases listed above. The more our Team Members reflect the diversity of our clients, the better equipped we are to service their needs.
At YR Global we recognize our future depends on how we nurture great individual talent and provide an environment where people can flourish personally and professionally.

Through our commitment to our people, our values, embracing our diversity and our responsibility to our communities, we aim to create an environment in which our people are proud to work, and a rich pool of talents to support our clients.

Good employment practices are essential to achieve our business strategy. Our goal is to ‘be the best place for the best people to do their best work’.
The essential characteristics of a good workplace are integrity, diversity and inclusion, development and creativity. The YR Global spirit defines the culture and behaviors we expect from our Team Members.
We encourage our Team Members to discuss matters openly and to develop our working practices continuously. Development demands innovation, and innovation comes about by questioning the status quo. Our culture is informal by nature and open dialogue is encouraged. We believe in giving our people the opportunity to voice their opinion on the business. Team Members have a clear line of sight with our mission and understand how they contribute to success.

We offer opportunities for professional and personal growth in an international environment. We encourage our people to take a proactive approach in their professional growth and development.

We believe in keeping our Team Members informed of developments in our business and industry. We publish entertaining and informative e-magazines which highlight important product announcements, operational milestones, Team Member achievements and Team Members festivities that occur. We have Monthly and Annual Gatherings where accomplishments and performances are recognized and rewarded.

We strive to provide a workplace atmosphere that allows Team Members to voice concerns freely and resolve them in a professional manner. We encourage Team Members to raise issues with their managers or the members of our human resources team so that questions can be answered and concerns allayed expeditiously.
We comply with all laws and regulations governing the jurisdictions in which we operate worldwide. Our Human Resources Department prepares comprehensive written guidelines for our workplaces which Team Members can access via the Company's on-line facilities. In addition, we regularly update our workplace guidelines and practices.

About Us

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