Our Story

Like any starry-eyed, ambitious, and focused young man envisioning to embark on a small business venture, Yousef Al Rajhi gave wings to his dreams by registering the company in 1996. This was the dawn of new beginning, turning dreams and aspirations into a business reality and thereby catapulting himself to the zenith of his pursuit.

In its budding stage, the company sprouted from a humble ground. It had its genesis with the simple idea of giving value added services by importing goods and then simply selling and distributing them. The services initially offered were mainly related to the F&B industry.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was undergoing rapid expansions in its economy; gaps in establishing a business were materializing. There was chasm in finding providers of several immediate business "needs":

  • Finding someone to design his first Cafe.
  • Finding a group to construct and someone to oversee the construction of the first café once the design is finalized.
  • Finding a professional supply chain group to handle importation of goods.
  • Finding a really committed company to build the first small office.
  • Finding professional talents to design and supply his first IT needs.
  • Finding resources to help him to recruit his first team.
  • Finding a company that can give great creative graphics services to establish the company’s identity.
  • Finding a dedicated accounting firm to provide basic business computations and reports.
  • Finding a passionate training provider that can help build his training set-up & support his philosophy of "the best way to take care of business is taking care of people"

These were ceaseless challenges in a country like Saudi Arabia, so filling the gap was no mean task.

While benchmarking the leading global brands in business driven societies he was also laying the basic foundations of a business where the norm is that talented people are either extremely expensive or simply rare and unavailable. The voyage towards the "FILLING" empire was on full-swing with the construction of a well organized but a purposely small office.

Yousef S. Al Rajhi had strong conviction in a clear vision that "If we engineer a strong, dedicated, and efficient company, we will always ace at grabbing the opportunities whenever there is an explosion in market growth. We will also be the last to fail if there is a recession"

He worked diligently with his team in kicking off the trading activities, consummating the establishment of the current leading coffee chain, dr.CAFE®. Subsequently, the hard work and the efforts were also rewarded with the endowment of the famous IT group - Creative Solutions.

Gradually heavier active transactions developed between the groups. Chaperoned by a very sophisticated standard that "If we can challenge dr.CAFE® in Supply Chain, Construction, IT, graphics and advertising, or training requirements, simply! We can satisfy anyone in business.

From thereon, with well-defined business cooperation between the groups, with clear visions and mission, and by establishing total independence of business practice principle, the different companies under YR Global started and evolved. The group now represents itself as a dynamic and well diversified multi service organization; enhancing people's lifestyles and aiming towards a prosperous society.

Fast Facts

  • 100

    Countries where our services help entrepreneurs

  • 2218

    Approximate number of employees Worldwide committed to Unify Marketing' greatest needs

  • 250

    Number of primary research and service centers around the world

About Us

Add value to people's lives by filling gaps to enhance people's lifestyle.

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