By Analyzing the market needs and gaps from there, the creation process is all about narrowing down and perfecting the availability or efficiency and we always come up with a difference.


Invest in short and long term portfolio and in every available aspect, people, tangible and intangible opportunities.


We believe the future is what we are doing today and it entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations.

If we engineer a strong, dedicated, and efficient company, we will always ace at grabbing the opportunities whenever there is an explosion in market growth.

Business Profile

YR Global Group, a diversified conglomerate bringing you a variation offering, the choicest of products ....

Real Estate Business

The whole world is one large Real Estate. The rudiments are almost the same but the gap is how to choose the right place, develop.

Food & Beverage

YR Global is equally proud of having dr.CAFE® COFFEE as one of its flagship companies as one of its flagship companies.

Retail Business

We have no minimum transaction value and will buy businesses occupying rented premises as well as freehold commercial properties.

Multimedia & Designs

Graphics, Media, Printing, Public Relations, Event and Campaign Management, Media Consultancy and Market Research.

Information Technology

To know more about Creative Solutions hardware, software, and smart or advanced consulting solutions.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Globus Logistics is a fast growing supply chain firm especially formed to fill the gap in supply chain requirements.

Engineering & Construction

It is a company focused on managing time efficiently, working very hard, giving the best available economical solution.


Agriculture is the process of producing food, fibre & many other products by the cultivation and the raising of domesticated animals.










We take care of our business by taking care of the people. YR Global offers Lifetime career opportunity, excellent working environment, challenging tasks, competitive compensations, unrestricted growth potential, comprehensive rewards & incentive system, motivated team members, and many more benefits. As we grow, our Team Members grow right along with us.


Our Companies

About Us

Add value to people's lives by filling gaps to enhance people's lifestyle.

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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