People Factory

We work hard to attract and retain people of proven ability, experience and skills. We work with the following general principles

  • Attract: recruiting the right people, in the right way and reflecting the diversity of the group.
  • Retain: having the right rewards and benefits and work environment for people to want to stay with us.
  • Develop: ensuring that people have the right skills to do their job and develop careers with us.
  • Engage: connecting all our people to our goals, motivating them to achieve them and recognizing their achievements.
  • Perform: having the processes in place to properly brief and induct new hires, clearly communicate responsibilities and accountabilities through trainings, manuals, guides, policies, and job descriptions, to assess, manage, and continually improve individual performance.

The basic idea behind diversity is that every human being is unique. Keeping this in mind, YR Global helps its Team Members to develop their individual skills and appreciates their personal characteristic traits and distinctiveness as invaluable for the company. Appreciation for the diversity of the people we work with and live amongst cannot be imposed from above.

We enjoy spending time with each other, whether at work, outside the office, and most particularly in dr.CAFE® COFFEE Stores. When you're on a team, you really get to know your colleagues. You rely on them when things are going well-and even more so when they're not. And you develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Developing our people: Professional Development and Training

Development of our Team Members means they are more likely to stay with YR Global and contribute their best to our success. We encourage them to achieve their full potential through training programs and on-the-job development. We encourage them to continue developing their skills and furthering their educations. Our Training Departments work with cross-functional teams to develop programs and curricula that offer and array of courses targeted to specific skills. We currently offer programs in professional, managerial, leadership and technical development, and new programs are added regularly based on Team Member and manager feedback as well as our business needs.

Through our management and various learning and development programs, helping our people develop their skills and fulfill their potential within the business has been an area of focus for us. Team Members are also encouraged to nominate to attend external seminars, conferences and non-credit short courses which are job-related. Once approved, the Company pays for the fees associated with such seminars and conferences, and Team Members report to their managers on the ways in which what they learned can be applied to business needs or their work objectives.

Recognition and Rewards

Our compensation strategy is designed to incent and reward excellence. We endeavor to provide base pay that is competitive to the local markets in which we operate, and we provide variable pay opportunities to all Team Members that recognize outstanding individual and company performance. Our remuneration policy seeks to deliver improved performance throughout the business, balancing short-term success with the attainment of our longer-term business goals and shareholder return.

Performance Management

Our performance planning and coaching process is an interactive process between our Team Members and their managers. The process contemplates ongoing feedback about what Team Members can do to improve their contributions to the Company and to advance their own career interests. The elements we believe are critical to successful performance planning and coaching include:

  • Discussion and agreement between Team Members and managers on work goals and skill development objectives.
  • Feedback from managers regarding Team Members' progress against those goals and objectives.
  • A written training and development plan.
  • A formal written annual review.

We encourage Team Members to initiate career discussions with their line managers and engage in an open and creative exchange about ways to advance Team Members' careers at the Company. We provide our managers with tools to help them set measurable goals for their Team Members, provide constructive feedback on progress towards those goals, and identify career opportunities their Team Members can work toward.

Key Players

In every company within the YR Global Group the scope of authorities and responsibilities is supported by an outstanding dynamic system that has very business driven people we refer to as the Key Payers. By going through each company an outsider will never be confused on whom to approach for any business transaction need.

Fast Facts

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