Key Factors

Opportunity and hard work contribute mostly to success in any project. We have to be aware of the window of opportunity and in some cases we have to look for it. After becoming aware, we must not sit back but rather put in the efforts needed to take advantage of the opportunity. We are always ready to work hard to get a chance to move ahead. We are always aware of what is going on around us, and then we seize any opening as soon as we see them.

There are many ways of achieving success. In an extremely fast changing world, full of surprises over economic developments, we build our systems to be our backbone for smooth growth activities. We strive to win in two main aspects:

  • To be first and faster in grabbing opportunities whenever they arise in the market
  • To be the last to suffer and be affected when the market goes down

Sound management, organization, processes and plans

One major factor influencing the relative success of new ventures is the ability of the company’s organization and processes, together with the roles and responsibilities of its staff, to adapt to new challenges posed by each stage of growth. The skills and structures required are those in a growing towards larger business. YR Global is taking care to recruit and retain these skills and at the same time establish the systems and structures needed in our growing company.

Success comes from adapting to change

A key component of success is the ability to change the company's strategic focus as the market reaches a different stage of maturation or when new geographical market areas evolve. As we expand into new markets, the company adapts and changes its structure to better service overseas needs.

To be successful, any organization or individual must have the following built-in in their corporate culture: confidence, diligence, devotion, and perseverance.

If there is no confidence there is little possibility that the individual or the company will ever achieve anything. There are two main reasons why people feel frustrated even though they are capable of doing something. First, they do not have a correct estimate of themselves, and second, they overestimate over emphasize the difficulties.

Diligence simply means that one must not waste of time whatever he does. Diligence can help remove ignorance, overcome difficulties and enlighten the minds. If you fritter away your time now, the future will be a failure, and you will accomplish nothing. If you are diligent now, your chance of future success is multiplied several times.

Devotion means the concentration of mind and effort in doing things. This also applies to the collective spirit and effort of an organization. Whatever our Team Members are doing, they love it and put their heart into it.

Perseverance, or strong will, is also necessary in order to make success a certainty. There is nothing that cannot be achieved but without a strong will, one is likely to give up when some difficulties are met. Strong will urges a person or an organization to perform wonderful deeds.

All these elements for future success.

Fast Facts

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    Countries where our services help entrepreneurs

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    Number of primary research and service centers around the world

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