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  • dr. CAFE International enters Singapore
  • dr.CAFEĀ® enters South East Asian Market by opening the stores in Singapore In world class ION mall, at Orchard Road in April 2009.

    In Singapore, we received an overwhelming response from the crowd and it has given us the confidence to spread our wings and always come up to the expectation of the people. It has set new parameters and new challenges to be met with and we embrace them with aplomb.

    We have set up new milestone for ourselves now. This store in Singapore will provide the company with strategic expansion to enter into south-east Asian countries which is brimming with potential, hence a promising future further.

  • dr. CAFE International starts operations in Malaysia
  • Being serious in the quest to become the number one Coffee Chain in the world, after the staggering response from Singapore opening, dr.CAFE® now secures another place in South East Asian by entering Malaysia-ā€œA truly Asian Country.

    dr.CAFE® COFFEE began its operation in Kuala Lumpur in August 2009 with its first store in Solaris Mont Kiara. It is located just about 5 minutes drive from Plaza Mont Kiara.

  • YR Retail enter in an agreement with a German Fashion Retailer
  • Keeping in line with its commitment of providing customers with best quality products, YR Retail entered in an agreement with a German based fashion retailer which specializes in women fashion and childrenswear.

    The duo is planning to start operations in Saudi Arabia initially and with five years expansion plan till 2014, will spread to all major cities of the Kingdom by opening 14 stores at the most prime locations in the region.

  • YR Supply Chain maintains shelf agreement with all major Supermarkets and Grocery stores
  • YR Supply Chain continues to have an agreement with almost all major A and B class-the large retail formats i.e. supermarkets, and grocery stores like Carrefour, Othaim, Euromarche and others to name a few, across Saudi Arabia to reserve more than one shelf always to cater to the wider set of customers always at any given time.

    This agreement has been intact for about 3 years now and with its strategic partnership with these retailers shall bring in larger returns to the firm.

  • dr. CAFEĀ® is expanding to Middle East- Egypt via Franchise Route.
  • While relying on a stable organic expansion in its home country- Saudi Arabian territory, dr.CAFEĀ® now spread the coffee experience to new levels by initially entering Egypt in Arabian Peninsula. In Egypt with a plethora of franchise applications for the region, the company is in the process of finalizing the partner.

    Expansion in Middle east markets is strategic as Arabian Peninsula is the original land of Arabica Coffee beans and Coffee drinking the rituals derived from their hospitality; traditions that are still bound today by the same ceremony and etiquette which have ruled for centuries.

  • YR Supply Chain Signs an Agreement with Agility Logistics Company
  • YR Supply Chain Signs an Agreement with Agility Logistics Company, a leading global provider of integrated logistics, together inclined to bringing efficiency to business supply chains in some of the world's most challenging environments.

    The combined alliance with Agility shall provide the company a worldwide footprint and customized capabilities to provide unmatched personal service in regional and international trade.

  • Creative Solutions resumes ERP Solution Services
  • Creative Solutions has a tie up with Microsoft Dynamics in ERP solutions and has successfully implemented the system in many growing firms in diverse business operations.

    Creative Solutions in ERP Solutions business plays a consultative role for selecting an appropriate ERP solution to the valuable clients. The role includes many roles taking from understanding the business process till the final implementation of the system.

  • Creative Solutions successfully implemented a new automated Stores Management System
  • Creative Solutions successfully designed and developed a new automated Stores Management System for dr.CAFE COFFEE to enhance the execution of operational activities in its Stores. This is one of its kinds in the store management systems available.

    Store Management System was designed and developed exclusively for dr.CAFEĀ® Coffee leading international Specialty Coffee cafĆ© chains.

  • YR Trading enters in Saudi Fund for Employment of Saudis
  • YR Trading entered the Saudi Fund deal for hiring local Saudis to contribute in social cause and the betterment of the nation.

  • dr. CAFEĀ® Saudi Arabia Launched the Catering Solutions
  • dr.CAFEĀ® a well known Leading Coffee CafĆ© Chain in the region launched recently the catering solutions to homes and offices in the 5 kilometers of radius of the store location.

    Now itā€™s an ideal choice for workaholic people to order online or over phone and get the delivery of order within the specified time period.

  • YR Real Estate Unveils the new projects in Riyadh and Jeddah
  • YR Real Estate, the fully owned real estate company of YR Global group is expanding in Saudi Arabia Real Estate scene with a long list of already finished projects, the company is now in the process of launching the projects in Town Center-2, Jeddah, Town Centre-1, Riyadh.

    The company has also won the king Saud University Food Court Project, Riyadh city which includes developing and operating the food court area.

    All these projects are expected to be start by March 2010 and shall be operational till the end of 2010, depending upon the project planning and duration.

  • The Executive Contractors Co. reaches capacity of serving 24 different projects at a time
  • The Executive Contractors Co. is specialized construction company engaged in turn key projects for Private and Government sectors and since its inception has been pioneer in its execution of multi projects in specified time frame and cost concerns.

    At present the company is serving about 24 different clients as the single point of contract for all construction related issues & concerns from conceptual studies to finished product. The majority of concerns in these projects are of Food & Beverage and retail industry.

  • YR Trading to get the distributorship from Conti Machines in Saudi Arabia
  • YR Trading Company is all set to get the distributorship from CONTI Espresso Machines, a French Major and one of worldā€™s leading espresso machines manufacturers. The discussion has been on for about few months now and at the final stage of signing the contract.

    In Partnership with our strong distribution network in Saudi Arabia, the expansion of CONTI Espresso Machines network in the region will bear the testament to its renowned reputation for high standards of product quality, reliability and after sales service.

    In line with CONTI espresso machines distribution in the Kingdom, YR Trading is also in initial talks with CremĀ® international, a Swedish company, and an established name in Coffee Espresso machines, for expanding their network and meeting the staggering demand of coffee paraphernalia.

  • Global Digital Creative Launches the Mystery shopping services
  • Global Digital Creative recently launched the Mystery shopping services in Saudi Arabia and got great response from the market as the company is increasing in its new accounts from diverse industries. The food and Beverage industry constitutes the majority of accounts handled by the company.

    The company is claimed to be competing and securing the strategic place in the market in very short time by its professional approach to mystery shopping business and with the help of efficient management information systems and dedicated team, specialized in the field.

  • dr. CAFEĀ® Saudi Arabia opening one store every week
  • With its aggressive expansion strategy and market demand, dr.CAFEĀ® Saudi Arabia is opening at least one store a week in Saudi Arabia. Well all courtesy goes to its efficient and professional sister companies which are equipped to support its expansion plan head on.

    At present the company crossed 110 stores in the region with strong presence in the central and Eastern Region and counting.