Multimedia & Designs

Global Digital Creative provide strategic solutions and sound advice to increase the brand perceptual prominence. They systematically execute projects from brainstorming, designing, production, and up to final presentation transforming innovative ideas into reality.

Their primary asset is a qualified team of motivated, experienced and results-driven marketing communication professionals. They provide a full suite of integrated marketing communications solution: Graphics, Media, Printing, Public Relations, Event and Campaign Management, Media Consultancy and Market Research.

"GDC Made All of That"

Whenever you may have browsed any of our company's site on the net and have looked at our consumer product pages, projects, or properties, you can be sure that the creative juices GDC are everywhere on those pages.

From dr.CAFE® COFFEE, Creative Solutions, YR Supply Chain, to YR Global - the graphics and design are all done by GDC.

GDC provides products and services in 5 areas of marketing, advertising, and brand management:


Good graphic design creates powerful communications by resonating the message across to the target market. Areas of expertise along this line are Corporate Identity, Package Design, Web Development, Marketing Collaterals, Fleet Branding, Advertising, Point of Sale, Publications, Merchandise Design, Signage, Media consultancy and Marketing research.

Media Advertisement

GDC offers excellent in-house talents on Video & Photography of Products, Services (action shots), Events & Activities, Campaigns & Promotions, Audio - Video Editing, Digital Advertisement, Moving Vehicle Advertisement, Wall Boards, and YouTube advertisements to communicate memorable messages to our target audience.


Powered by fully automated in-house printing machines, they offer faster turn-around, minimal errors, and lower overhead costs. Our customers are provided with consistently high quality printing and the lowest possible prices. Printing services covered are on Building Graphics, Billboards, Window Graphics, Fleet Graphics, Floor Graphics, Mupis, Banners, Roll-ups & Set-up Display Systems, Pop up Displays, Posters, Promotional Badges, and Crystals & Mug Printing.

Public Relation

As a focused PR agency, GDC creates and implements communication solutions for clients to build and reinforce corporate and brand positions resulting in enhanced business opportunity. The range of services is on Strategic Counseling, Media Relations, Media & Tracking, Crisis Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Media Consultancy and Market Research

For any type of marketing communication; consultancy and market intelligence is of prime importance, which if acquired well can provide the maximum return on media and communication spending. To cater to this we have been specialized in this arena to suit to each client's requirement of market and consumer research information on various industries and elasticity of preferred mode of marketing and media communication.

Event Management

Events are considered to be one of the most strategic marketing and communication tools by companies of all sizes. From corporate entertainment and corporate events to business events and team building, companies create events to help them communicate with clients and employees. The Event Management team handles everything from Conference Management, Exhibition Management, Corporate Casual Activities, Annual Gatherings, Monthly Gatherings, Seminar and Workshop Management, Venue Selection, Event Promotion, Audio Visual preparation and execution, to Video recording and Photo Shoot.

Mystery Shopping

Results don't happen by accident. Companies that create consistently exceptional customer experiences do not succeed because they always hire better employees or offer better products at lower prices; they succeed because they build carefully aligned systems that everyone in the organization uses to measure, manage and improve the customer experience.

When aligned properly with other measurement and management tools, mystery shop results can reliably predict customer satisfaction and future sales. A mystery shopping program managed by GDC will help the clients' company focus and improve on the specific behaviors that will create customer delight and positively impact sales and profitability.

GDC believes in proactive partnership to deliver, success at every level.