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Dr.Cafe® International and Dr.Cafe® Saudi Arabia

dr.CAFE® COFFEE is a leading coffee company that provides unmatched standards of quality products, knowledgeable friendly services and ultimate experience to suit each individual guest's lifestyle and making a personal experience memorable. dr.CAFE® COFFEE, is always excited to share with anyone the great story of its people, achievements, and the best cup of coffee. YR Global is equally proud of having dr.CAFE® COFFEE as one of its flagship companies.

Global branding in the food and beverage consumer packaged goods industry has never been more challenging. More than ever buyers and consumers around the globe are concerned about the health and quality of their food and beverage. The level of competitiveness has been elevated. Added to this, retailers have been hugely successful at building premium offerings that compete head-on with brands in terms of quality and value. One of the most notable industry challenges has been servicing consumers with increasingly sophisticated tastes, and preferences.

With more than 15 years of experience of managing and developing F&B brands such as dr.CAFE® COFFEE, ably supported by departments put up from scratch - HRD, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Training, Engineering, R&D, Production, Supply Chain, etc. it is with a lot of pride that YR Global can demonstrate its knowhow to develop, market, and manage businesses proficiently.

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