Business Profile

YR Global Group, a diversified conglomerate bringing you a variation offering, the choicest of products and services across the kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia with interests in Real Estate, Contracting, Retailing, Supply Chain, Media and Advertising, consulting, Information Technology, Trading, Stock Exchange, Manufacturing and F&B Business.

Retail Business
Most successful consumer businesses are built on the philosophy of staying close to the customer ‚€“ knowing what drives them and giving them the right products and services at the right price. Delivering on that simple mission in a way that is efficient and cost effective is not easy.

The YR Retail Company is our retail arm with the basic belief with detailed knowledge together with a great operational setup addressing all the business requirement aspects ‚€“ able to deliver any retail brand to the markets with a proper positioning, efficient approach, and excellent implementation of the brand identity and strategic objectives.

We invest in our consumer products and retail knowhow to ensure we have a clear business understanding of the issues affecting the market. This industry knowledge helps keep ahead of the competition.

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Real Estate Business
The whole world is one large Real Estate. The rudiments are almost the same but the gap is how to choose the right place, develop,market and how to manage the property well. Our real estate projects portray it all.

Apart from being a customer-focused and quality oriented organization, YR Real Estate categorically emphasize on smart decision-making as well. Our Property Management Styles and Techniques are atypical as we specify our milestones as immediate, short term and long term goals and work towards in achieving them in a stipulated time frame.

In Retail and Construction business too, we have the Capability to Build from Scratch and Create Great Landmarks by its pursuit to manage every project in-details with implementation of Constant and regular checks, automated solutions applications, and efficient project management system.

We bring the most reliable real estate services and our clients are privileged by our extensive in-house experience and consultancy portfolio in architectural design, engineering proficiency, construction supervision, up to branding and marketing identity management.

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Food & Beverage
Dr.CAFE¬ģ COFFEE is a leading coffee company that provides unmatched standards of quality products, knowledgeable friendly services and ultimate experience to suit each individual guest‚€™s lifestyle and making a personal experience memorable. dr.CAFE¬ģ COFFEE, is always excited to share with anyone the great story of its people, achievements, and the best cup of coffee. YR Global is equally proud of having dr.CAFE¬ģ COFFEE as one of its flagship companies.

Global branding in the food and beverage consumer packaged goods industry has never been more challenging. More than ever buyers and consumers around the globe are concerned about the health and quality of their food and beverage. The level of competitiveness has been elevated. Added to this, retailers have been hugely successful at building premium offerings that compete head-on with brands in terms of quality and value. One of the most notable industry challenges has been servicing consumers with increasingly sophisticated tastes, and preferences.

With more than 15 years of experience of managing and developing F&B brands such as dr.CAFE¬ģ COFFEE, ably supported by departments put up from scratch ‚€“ HRD, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Training, Engineering, R&D, Production, Supply Chain, etc. it is with a lot of pride that YR Global can demonstrate its knowhow to develop, market, and manage businesses proficiently. For more information about our coffee passion and our remarkable success story, please visit:

IT Business
Software, Hardware, and Consultancy are the three core businesses our Creative Solution Company are focusing at, and since they have been more than able to satisfy our sophisticated requirements they become our dependable essential arm in the IT businesses.

Creative Solutions provides IT solutions to diversified business environments. It provides a range of technical consulting and systems integration services to help customers architect, implement, and manage complex network computing in business environments.

Our experts integrate people, processes and technology to deliver tailored-made solutions to our customers' needs and help them to deploy business solutions through a broad range of services comprised of consulting, integration, operations assistance and support services for hardware and software, in order to attain towering level of success.

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Multimedia & Design Business
Effective communication is indispensable for success in today‚€™s business world.

GDC provide strategic solutions and sound advice to increase the brand perceptual prominence. They systematically execute projects from brainstorming, designing, production, and up to final presentation transforming innovative ideas into reality. Their primary asset is a qualified team of motivated, experienced and results-driven marketing communication professionals. They provide a full suite of integrated marketing communications solution: Graphics, Media, Printing, Public Relations, Event and Campaign Management, Media Consultancy and Market Research.

Whenever you may have browsed any of our company‚€™s site on the net and have looked at our consumer product pages, projects, or properties, you can be sure that the creative juices GDC are everywhere on those pages.

From dr.CAFE¬ģ COFFEE, Creative Solutions, YR Supply Chain, to YR Global ‚€“ the graphics and design are all done by GDC. Visit:

Supply Chain Business
YR Supply Chain is a fast growing supply chain firm especially formed to fill the gap in supply chain requirements.

They provide end-to-end supply chain services in procurement, shipping, customs brokerage, warehousing, sales, distributions, transport, e-commerce and asset management. Their strong belief is that success in supply chain integration boils down to excellent planning and effective execution.

YR Supply Chain‚€™s services and solutions are driven for the ultimate benefit of their clients. We employ innovative solutions aimed at improving customer service, accelerating order cycle times, and tightening control of the supply chain. Every opportunity to minimize cost through improved productivity is explored and developed to suit the client‚€™s business needs, goals, and priorities.

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Construction Business
Executive Contractor is a company of integrity and deep commitment to clients. It is a company focused on managing time efficiently, working very hard, giving the best available economical solution, delivering the best available quality of work, and never compromising on the project‚€™s deliverables.

The company knows that the blueprint for the successful execution of a project is as important as the blueprint for the project itself. Its continuous improvement program results in a comprehensive system of clear work processes and pre-planned benchmarks covering every aspect and stages of the construction.

They have substantial experience in coordinating and scheduling construction projects, working with the owners, architects and engineers, reviewing contractor proposals, negotiating contracts, hiring and supervising the work force, cost estimating, bid proposal preparation, budget proposal, quality control, and scheduling other trades.

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Consultancy Business
We serve the engineering and consultative needs of our valuable clients across diversified business environments. We invest ourselves into our clients' projects successful execution and are right there with our valuable clients, right from the scratch of a concept to its full execution and completion.

We advise our clients in the conception and implementation of outstanding project management structures and processes for their projects. Your project is our commitment.

Stock Exchange
As part of our cash management program, YR Global invests in the stock exchange for the effective use of excess cash generated. Investments are placed on selected companies based on criteria set by the board. Target companies are identified based on their operational developments and excellence rather than relying on stock trends analysis.

We believe that a company‚€™s long term investment worth is better realized by analyzing it from several aspects. Financial statements are only one aspect, while, the real overall worth as an investment is realized by tracking the companies‚€™ behavior and performance over a period of time together with the vision and strategic objectives and the mechanism of fulfilling their announced plans.

On the other hand, we always try to balance our portfolio while maintaining the growth and value of our investments. Keeping the balanced approach is indispensible for stable growth of a company and we, on a regular basis understand and analyze a particular company‚€™s performance and its real operational gaps.

Once we find that there is a company in the market that can blend with our diversified Investment expertise, we invest-in happily with a clear goal to rein the board and optimizing the company‚€™s strategic objectives. We strongly believe in our upgraded business solutions and execution approach and legibly unleash the company‚€™s real potential and speed-up the pay back for us and others.